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Russia’s move towards the deepening economic crisis

Russia economic crisis

Russia is known as one of these days’ leader in space exploration. But, just today, Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev agreed to cut funding for their space exploration activities by 30 percent out from the total budget set forth for the said program. This is to address the deepening ...

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European and Australian markets felt the effects of rising euro

European and Australian markets felt the effects of rising euro

The European stocks markets dropped on Thursday as Lufthansa and Immofinanz lost its shares in the updates produced by the US Federal Reserve. This update plays a major role in boosting commodity share prices in the market. Lufthansa is today’s Europe’s largest airlines while Immofinanz is a huge Australian property ...

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Banking sector and insurance companies gains benefits in the ECB’s announcement

Banking sector and insurance companies gains benefits

Disappointing data in the European shares rose on Thursday, March 10, as the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi announced to the public that the possibility of more rate cuts is unlikely to occur, thus, on the other hand, benefiting banks rising its shares on plans for new cheap funding. ...

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European shares low after banks disappointing results

European shares at 2-1/2 year low after banks disappointing results

A top European share index shed disappointing results of a 2-1/2 year low on Thursday, February 11, as an effect of a renewed slump in bank and miners with Societe Generale sliding in records. Data shows that the pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 was down 3.3 percent at 1,201.06 points listed 1250 ...

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U.S. Dollar remained defensive after Fed rate expectations are unmet

New York’s Fed President William Dudley

The U.S. dollar fell, once more, in a morning trade in Europe after expectations of a further rise in the U.S. interest rates are unmet. With this, the greenback fell another 0.6 percent to 96.735 making it hit its lowest since early November of last year. On the other hand, ...

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US dollar’s continuous losses after disappointing data released

US dollar's continuous losses

After months of losses, it has been reported that the U.S. Dollars extends its losses after a mixed up of economic data shown on Thursday, January 28. A huge uncertainty caused by the Federal Reserve’s latest policy statement had brought fears and negative sentiments on many market expectators and investors. ...

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U.S. Economy: deeply hurt by the start of the year

U.S. Economy deeply hurt

Downturn in investment and falling of oil and gas prices has been a major factor hurting the economies of the United States and other petroleum producers nowadays. In fact, this year is considered to be a year with the worst start due to the unstable economies felt by many expectators ...

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Investors could be pressured in Fed’s interest rate hike

Investors and Federal reserve

Big U.S. companies increase their shareholders’ returns through “buy back”. This has been an unswerving rule for many years now, in which, investors has their own part of the share too. But somehow, in this year, companies were able to anticipate that buybacks incur higher interest rates as indicated in ...

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U.S.Treasury to Strengthen its Corporate Tax Inversion Policy

US Treasury Secretary - Jack lew

Here’s the one of the top essential market news which affects the markets and which will serve as your guide in investing: U.S.Treasury to Strengthen its Corporate Tax Inversion Policy. The U.S. Treasury Department this week will clamp down further on tax-avoiding “inversion” deals done by U.S. companies with foreign ...

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More Americans prefer to save more, spend less in Retail Sales!

U.S. Consumer habits - Tradingsprinter

Consumers in the U.S. market had strengthened its purchases at retailers in September in order to acquire savings out of lower fuel costs and making for a weak finish to the third quarter according to Bloomberg survey. The Commerce Department showed the median forecast that 82 economist called for a ...

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