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Admiral Markets wins Forex FxCuffs competition again in 2016

Admiral Markets wins FxCuffs contestIt has been a great news received in the forex trading industry after a brokerage firm, Admiral Markets, had won the Forex FxCuffs competition twice in a row. It has been a rewarding moment for the Admiral Markets to receive this kind of award being the only broker to reach this record-breaking achievement. It has been this valuable since FxCuffs competition represents both appreciation coming from customers and the industry itself.

Receiving this award, a broker proves its efficiency and effectiveness in garnering a high quality performance in its customer services, had offered flexibility and competitiveness to its traders, and activity in the field of trader’s education enhancing their capability in performing different trading activities. This kind of achievement is a great way to assess the kind of service you render as a brokerage firm.

Admiral Markets extends its appreciation to the awarding body through their Polish branch director, Andrzej Tomczyk, expressing verbally his gladness that their efforts to continuously improve their services has been paid off by the said award. He further stated that offering high quality services using different measures and instruments means considering everything that can bring customers to their utmost advantage. They are thankful that the FxCuffs award is a way of recognizing all of these things that matters in forex brokerage.

The FxCuffs competition is also a great opportunity for brokerage firms to showcase their services. It is of competitive advantage to the winning firm as they are proclaimed to be the year’s best forex broker to attract traders all over the world. It is a great way to build a strong reputation and promote their products and services. At the same time, this award is a great thing to add in the firm’s portfolio building a strong relationship founded by trust between the brokerage firm and its traders which eventually leads to loyalty and continuous subscription.
FxCuffs Foundation Chairman Janusz Ekert stated that this year’s competition was special since this year marked a winner of twice in a row.

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